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Me and Rob Lucas Me, Kevin Tenney, Tom Holland With my friend, composer Dominic Mimmo Capuano Joe Knetter, the iconic Sid Paig, and me Harry and Chris Hannon Harry and Stanislav the artist Harry and Tiffany Shepis Wishmaster signing: Holly Fields, Andrew Divoff, Robert Kurtzman, Peter Atkins, Me Me in the coffin with Jason Harry with Lynn Lowry House signing - back row: Jonathan Stark, George Wendt, Ethan Wiley, Me, Fred Dekker
front: William Katt, Chad Frye Harry and Betsy Palmer Adrienne King and Xavier Hartsoe, Magician and and World Champion Mixologist Amy Steele, Harry and Adrienne King Harry with WWE referee Charles Robinson Harry with Danny Trejo Harry with Tom Savini Harry with William Katt Actor Lance Henricksen and Harry Manfredini 6 composers at the Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati: Joe Bishara, Richard Band, Joe LoDuca, Don Peake, Christopher Young, Harry Manfredini Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati: Chris Young delivers breakfast donuts! Lynn Lowry, star of Model Hunger Steve Wampler, star of Wampler's Ascent, climbed El Capitan Rispoli's in NJ - the best pastries EVER! Fans of Film Music Seminar: Nathan Barr, Jeff Beal, Cliff Edelman, Reinhold Heil, Harry Manfredini, Cliff Martinez, Mark McKenzie Harry and Baby Tony Todd and Harry Debbie Rochon and Harry I Dream of SMPTE! Rubber Band War Baby Harry in Sailor Suit Tom Savini in Action Tony and Tom Victor Miller and baby Tom and Nancy McLouglin Taking notes in London R.A. Mihaloff OP Art Michael Berryman Mark Redfield Marco - the best bartender in Firenze London party Joe Hollow Jason gets payback! I have no idea how he played it, but he did! Belind Balaski 2 CDS for two pieces of Pizza Adrienne King and Harry Adrienne Barbeau Adrienne, Harry, Betsy, Victor, Ari, Tom Allan Howarth and I... very spooky Ari Lehman Bill Hinzman and Mary Chorus Line.  Ari, Adrienne, Betsy and Me DARK_DELICACIES Emma Jacobs Makeup Artist Fred Williamson Harry and Wendy Shannon and Kyle Gass Harry Shannon, great friend, writer, musician James Duvall Lee Hangjun, Stephen Trower, Me Allan Howarth, Kim Newman, at the Visual, Sound, and Media Convention in London Lisa Wilcox Lito Velasco and Larry Zerner lito velasco, actor, musician, Cub Fan!!! M.D. Walton Mark Miller, Jerry Lambert, Chris Bailey, the NOLA connection Old Picture that defies description Operators Standing By Ressurection in Vegas Richard Brooker, Lito and Jennifer Velasco Robbie Bryan, Tiffany Shepis Staci Layne Wilson, and Zany Andrew Kasch Sweet Adrienne King The Incomparable Jerry Bruno The Wild Bunch.. Kevin Fay, Gary Klar, Ray Dowaliby and Me With Robert Massetti of Freak Show getting Lifetime Award With Jossi Sasson With Ms Vampy, Brooke Lewis Zora Kerova, and Cinzia Monreale Dario Argento With Award Winning Makeup and Special EFX guru. Josh Turi