All the albums are now for sale at Dark Delicacies. This is a fantastic store. Del and Sue are just the greatest people, and Dark Delicacies will be the sole distributor of these albums. Click on "CDs" and you'll see my albums on the page.

NOTICE: It has been brought to my attention that there is a concern about these recordings. It has never been my intention to mislead the fans who purchase these. Most of the albums below are personally recorded and are considered CDR's. Many of them have never been commercially released, therefore, there is really no choice as to how they are created. Others have been out of print for so long they are not available. All the albums sound great, and will be signed. I offer these because I am very proud of this music and I want you to hear the many different kinds of scores I have done.

All audio is in MP3 format, and presented for promotional use only.